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How To Wish A Happy New Year In Gujarati


Ah, the dawn of a new year.

That time of the year when you feel like you’ve got a brand new page to start on.

You’re pumped, you’ve got big plans, and you’ve got this sneaky suspicion that this next year is going to be YOUR year.

And with this enthusiasm, comes the genuine desire to spread this happiness by wishing your friends and family a happy new year.

But this year, there’s a difference (you’ve got big plans, remember?)

You’re thinking about making your wishes stand out from the rest by wishing some of them a happy new year in Gujarati. Their very own language! That’s going to be your first challenge for this year.

But how on earth are you going to do that?

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Can You Wish Someone a MERRY CHRISTMAS in Gujarati?


“’Twas a few nights before Christmas, and the only sound in the house,
Was of Dilshan typing on his keyboard, and left-clicking the mouse.
He was writing his Tribesters a Christmas post, ’twas now ready to be seen,
So he posted it as he smiled & said “What a cool tribe they’ve been.”


Apologies to Mr. Clement Clarke Moore for taking his beautiful poem and contaminating it with my words but I couldn’t help it. I’m feeling happy, poetic, and grateful these days.

In short, I’m feeling very “Christmassy”…

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21 Lazy But Smart Gujarati Phrases You ABSOLUTELY Must Know!


As you may have figured out by now, I’m someone who’s a “maximum return, minimum effort” kind of guy…

So, I sat down and thought of the typical phrases or questions I might want to know in Gujarati.

Hopefully, you’ll agree with my selection. If you don’t, you’ve got the comments section below to bitch, moan, and then suggest better phrases.

Here they are > > >

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