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Gujarati Quick Learner – 05: Am, Are, and Is in Gujarati (with Singular Pronouns)

So where were we?

Oh yeah, remember how in one of my recent posts I kept repeating the following lines like a blithering doofus?

  • “Don’t worry, one of my upcoming posts will introduce ‘chᴴuᴺ’ to you.”
  • “Again, rest assured, I will introduce ‘chᴴo’ & ‘chᴴé’ to you in an upcoming post soon.”
  • “Yes yes, soon I will introduce ‘chᴴé’ to you in a separate post.”

Well, it’s time for me to come good on that promise… And I’ll do it in a way where you’ll remember it easily-peasily >>>

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Gujarati Quick Learner – 04: Plural Personal Pronouns in Gujarati


In our last Quick Learner, we saw the Gujarati words for the singular personal pronouns “I”, “you”, “he” and “she”.

Today, we’ll continue with personal pronouns, but this time we’ll be looking at the PLURAL personal pronouns in Gujarati.

“Wait, I think I’ve kind of forgotten the singular pronouns in Gujarati and now Dilshan’s already starting on plurals?!!”

Don’t worry, friend-o…

I got you a little summary that’ll catch you up to speed in less than a minute.

See below:

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Gujarati Quick Learner – 03: Singular Personal Pronouns in Gujarati


So far, we’ve learned how to say “yes”, “no”, & “okay” in Gujarati as well as learn some polite Gujarati words.

Today we’ll touch on some grammar.

We’re going to see SINGULAR personal pronouns in Gujarati…

(Loud murmurs erupt as the gathered crowd of Tribesters look around confused and ask “What the hell are personal pronouns?!!” Dilshan, dressed in his flowing white robe, raises his hand towards them in a reassuring manner)

I promise you that you know what personal pronouns are, you just may not know it’s called that. I didn’t either, until recently.

(The crowd breathes a sigh of relief and applauds loudly as they looked at the examples Dilshan was about to reveal to them)…

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How To Wish A Happy New Year In Gujarati


Ah, the dawn of a new year.

That time of the year when you feel like you’ve got a brand new page to start on.

You’re pumped, you’ve got big plans, and you’ve got this sneaky suspicion that this next year is going to be YOUR year.

And with this enthusiasm, comes the genuine desire to spread this happiness by wishing your friends and family a happy new year.

But this year, there’s a difference (you’ve got big plans, remember?)

You’re thinking about making your wishes stand out from the rest by wishing some of them a happy new year in Gujarati. Their very own language! That’s going to be your first challenge for this year.

But how on earth are you going to do that?

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Can You Wish Someone a MERRY CHRISTMAS in Gujarati?


“’Twas a few nights before Christmas, and the only sound in the house,
Was of Dilshan typing on his keyboard, and left-clicking the mouse.
He was writing his Tribesters a Christmas post, ’twas now ready to be seen,
So he posted it as he smiled & said “What a cool tribe they’ve been.”


Apologies to Mr. Clement Clarke Moore for taking his beautiful poem and contaminating it with my words but I couldn’t help it. I’m feeling happy, poetic, and grateful these days.

In short, I’m feeling very “Christmassy”…

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Gujarati Quick Learner – 02: Thank You in Gujarati (And Other Polite Sh*t)

Gujarati Quick Learner - 02 - Thank You & Polite Words in Gujarati


Before learning how to say Thank you in Gujarati, can we first explore WHY you want to say Thank you in Gujarati?

In fact, why do we say “Thank you” at all, in any language?

Apart from the  boring “To sincerely express my gratitude and appreciation blah blah…” type of answer, one main reason is simply this:

To avoid coming across as an obnoxious and impolite A-hole.

No one wants that, right?

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Gujarati Quick Learner – 01: Yes, No, & Okay in Gujarati (and how a big nerd learned French)


When any of my subscribers start to learn a new language, for example, Gujarati, they all say the same thing:

“Dilshan, I really want to learn how to speak Gujarati”.

However, what does “speak” mean to you? Isn’t it simply saying something?

And so what? Any parrot can do that. So can any toddler – as long as they believe they’re ‘speaking’ when they say “goo-goo gaa-gaa”.

We, on the other hand, are going to focus on COMMUNICATION.

So how is COMMUNICATION different from “speaking” you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you…

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