Start Here: Learn Gujarati Lessons & Resources

Start Here: Learn Gujarati Lessons & Resources



So you want to learn Gujarati… but you have no interest, no time, or you’re just too damn lazy to become an expert in it?

Well, then kick off your shoes, grab a cushion, and make yourself comfortable my friend…

You’ve stumbled into the right place!


I can only guarantee 2 things with my work:

1) You won’t enjoy all of it;

2) I will.

– Ricky Gervais



Get to know me & the MAIN reason I started this blog

It’ll help you decide if it’s worth spending anymore time with me


Let me see who this guy is



Watch My Gujarati Video Tutorials

A collection of videos to help you learn the most “basic of the basic” Gujarati


Take me to these videos



Practice What You Learned With Flashcards

A cool tool to remember the basic Gujarati you learned in the Video Tutorials and Blog Posts

Show me this “cool tool” you speak of…



Leisurely Browse Through My Archive

My complete catalogue of blog posts focusing on Gujarati Grammar, Vocabulary, & Phrases.


Let’s do some leisurely browsing


So there you go.

This is basically my blog in a nut shell. No frills. No bullshit. Hope you found something that interests you.

Talk to you soon.


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